10 Reasons To Fall In Love With The North Shore

#1 – Hikes and Bikes
As a realtor on the North Shore, one of the top questions we get from active buyers looking for their next home is ‘Where can I store my bike?’. North and West Vancouver have some of the best biking and hiking trails in BC. Many people looking to live on the North Shore are excited about all of the outdoor activities that the area provides. With some apartment buildings now catering to bike washes and secure bike storage with electrical outlets for your EV needs, this is the place for biking and hiking enthusiasts.
                                Hike and Bike Trails North Vancouver
                                West Vancouver Trails

#2 – Dogs
It is no secret that we take our love of dogs very seriously. They are some of the most adored members of our families and are active members of our communities. The North Shore recognizes the importance of our furry friends and caters to these little four-legged characters. From dog wash stations in apartments to doggy hotels, dog friendly restaurant patios, and dog taxi’s services the North Shore makes it easy to provide the best lifestyle for your pet.
                                North Shore Taxi – Dog Friendly Taxi Service
                                North Vancouver Dog Park Map
                                West Vancouver Dog Park Link 

#3 – Bears
This is not a joke. Bears are a real thing on the North Shore. While living near the base of Mt. Seymour we have had our fair share of bears roaming the streets, in our yard, on our front deck and one even wondered into our neighbours kitchen. I remember when I first moved to North Vancouver and we had a bear in our yard. I called the bear hotline thinking they would send help. I was politely told that bears are a part of the community and to bang pots and pans to try to motivate them to move along. After over a decade, I have embraced coexisting in nature with these beautiful creatures. We give them their space, do our best not to attract them and we teach bear safety in school. There is nothing quite as magical as seeing these beautiful animals treated with kindness and respect and knowing that we share this incredible landscape with them.
                                North Shore Bear Society Info